Magic Mirror photo booth in action during an event

15 reasons to hire a photo booth in 2023

The world is becoming an increasingly visual place—thanks to social media and new apps, we’re filming and sharing more and more of our lives. Photos aren’t just for memories anymore, but also for sharing and branding. To help spur your creative side and get the shots you want, we created our PhotoBooth photobooth. With PhotoBooth, you can create your own custom photo booth props and photo booths to easily and affordably create unforgettable memories.

1. Photo booths creates fun, memorable moments

2. It’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion

3. It’s awesome to get people to interact

4. You can get great pictures for your CV, business card or website (who would do that??)

5. You can hire props to make your event even more special

6. You can hire a photo booth for a birthday or anniversary party

7. It is also great for a corporate event or trade show

8. You can hire a photo booth for someone’s wedding or a birthday party

9. You can hire a photo booth for something really special like a hen or stag party

10. A photo booth will get people talking and connect people (like Nokia)

11. A photo booth can provide …. [Fill the blanks spaces]

12. It’s an unforgettable experience

13. Covid s*cks, so we all need to party hard

14. You can share the pictures on social media

15. You can create a scrapbook with all the photos from your event