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How to ensure that your Wedding Photo Booth is a success

You’re already decided to jazz up your wedding reception or company party with a photo booth and wish to be sure that your guests take the fullest advantage of it? Here are a few insight tips about how to make your photo booth experience a complete hit.

1. Placement.

The placement of your photo booth is very important. Try to set it up in an extremely visible area near the action. The perfect spot is next to the bar and or dance floor.

In addition, ensure that the location of your photo booth is somehow lit, so it isn’t placed in the dark corner of the room. People exiting the photo booth should enjoy their prints and being able to see and sign your guest book.

Being in the business of photo booth rentals for years we got to see the raw emotions of happiness people laughing out loud, waiting anxiously by the print station, gathering in groups to judge their latest adventure in the photo booth and then having fun decorating a scrapbook.

2. Size really matters.

Rather than a small old fashioned photographic box that fits only two-3 people, rent a pro photo booth designed for large groups.

It really makes the difference. It is so much fun to watch 20 of your guests scream with excitement as they pile into a booth.

Ensure you let your guests know about a photo booth, its location and that it’s available to them at no cost.