Classic photo booth machine displayed in a 3/4 angle

Open air Photo Booth Vs Enclosed Photo Booth

What’s an enclosed photo booth?

Before debating the conflict between enclosed open air, let’s define what these are! A enclosed photo booth extremely recognized as the “classic” photo booth. It could have 4 walls, which can be cloth or solid material. These are booths where you might enjoy pictures with family and friends without outsiders with the capability to see what you’re doing. 


A lot of enclosed booths, such as those seen in the mall, could hold up to four people only. 

Downsides of an enclosed booth

Space Requirements

The enclosed booth requires a bit more distance than it’s open counterpart. Even the smallest booth you can locate would require about 6′ x 6′ in distance, and some of the bigger ones will require 8′x 8′. This may not seem drastic, but some places might only have hallways or rooms to set up in, that are not ideal. Other space considerations contain prop tables or buckets, and distance for a point to form. 

Color doesn’t match

Color schemes are significant, especially at weddings and corporate events! It’s imperative that you find out the curtain color accessibility beforehand if you’re having any colours. Booths will often have black or white curtains, but if you need something special, this may not be the best route.

Old school

Let’s confront, enclosed booths are traditional by criteria. Even with some of the most compelling advantages they offer, they may not fit with the vibe that you’re needing to attract to your event. Assess with the booth you’re using to get a fantastic visual of what the enclosed booth will look like before writing it off though!

What’s an open air photo booth?

Open air photo booths generally will only have a backdrop, but there are no side walls. The booth (the part that houses the camera, screen and printer) itself is usually smaller in contrast to the enclosed photo booth, and the design will usually be sleek.

Benefits of air

Space requirement Open air photo booths typically only require a backdrop, and the booth itself is smaller. Whether you’ve a space, these kinds of booths will be ideal, as they utilize space a lot more efficiently.

Modern looking

The slick design reigns supreme if you’re going for elegance. The open air booth is perfect to fit any event where elegance is essential. You won’t even possess a bulky photo booth to worry about, and our open booths are coloured white.

Fits everyone

In the event that you or your mates can fit in a camera photo, then you’ll fit in an air booth! The greatest advantage of this booth is the openness, due to not having any walls!