Women standing in front of a green screen

What is a green screen?

Chroma Key or Green Screen technology is a high end technique that is commonly used for still images, TV or videos. A photographer frequently make use of this technology for photographic host applications to remove background images by any desirable images. This technology make use of an algorithm which is based on 3 multi faceted polyhedrons. These polyhedrons float in the RGB colour space. These algorithms are utilized to separate colour regions in the foreground image or the background of the subject. This is one form of composting technology which may be utilized in several types of tools or computer programs.

You can be placed into unrealistic and fantasyless land with this technology. For example, you could  fly high in the sky, climb the mountains or perform an unbelievable stunt with this green screen technology. You can even show fire bursting out of your finger tips, being by the side of the sea or in the midst of greenery with this technology.