12 Chic Vineyard Wedding ideas

You might be planning for your wedding and have decided your venue will be in a vineyard or at a wine estate. Over here are 12 simple ideas that can add a little twist to your wedding day.  

1 – Photo shoot on a canoe 

Many wine estates feature a pound, why not having a unique photo session on an ancient wooden canoe? 

2 – Guests to sign your wine bottle 

Do yourself a favour: get a nice wine bottle that can age well (yes, you know the one with a cork.) and invite your guests to sign on it… and open it in 10 years. 

3 – Instant photo display 

It’s not a secret. Your will hire a photo booth for your wedding. So, why not displaying the instant photos on DIY wall made out of poultry fence? 

4 – Using an old barn as backdrop 

Sometimes, the best backdrop for photography is the one which is already onsite 😉 

5 – Dancing jandals for guests 

Small thoughts can make big differences. Go a step ahead and provide dancing jandals to your guests. Ladies will love you! 

6 – UniTable 

Ok, I have just invented this word 😉 Let’s be all together and bring all your guests to the same looooong table! Ambiance guaranteed!! 

7 – Cork name tags

What else to add? 

8 – Old styled ability games 

Come on, we have all played those old games! But we trend to forget them. Nostalgics and kids will love it. And psst: with alcohol it gets even funnier! – Drinks are for adults only;) 

9 – Wine bottle table lamps 

Go and get some cheap LED fairy lights from Km*huum* And fill (empty) wine bottle with it. Place your brand-new DIY lamps on tables and tada! 

10 – Wine Barrel wedding rings 

Seriously!? Did you know about their existence?? Ok it is not for everyone, but wine addicts will love them! 

11 – Vineyard backdrop 

Sometimes, the best backdrop for photography is the one which is already onsite 😉 Feeling a Dejà-vu? 

12 – DIY Barrel tables 

In wineries old barrels are literally everywhere, ask the staff if you could use some as temporary tables. Pro tip: try to get a full one 😉