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We all heard about photo booth right. Yes A photo booth is the great ad-on for any sort of event

Especially photo booth is the must to create fun at wedding reception. This is the era of pictures, and selfies, so a photo booth is the perfect addition to make your event stand out from others. There are various kinds of photo booths currently available plus they’re open air booths, The Original Hard Shelled Photo Booths, Photo Lounges and a lot more.The photo booth background can drastically make or break the entire look of the photo. The photo booth backdrop became the quickest growing trend in wedding events. These innovative displays are more fun, engaging and attract your guests. To create a perfect backdrop for your photo booth, all that you need is a creative thinking and a bit of creativity. Discuss your requirements and needs with them, they’ll design the perfect backdrop for photo booth to generate distinctive keepsakes for the couple and their guests. Here mentioned are few of the amazing Do it yourself wedding photo booth backdrop designs: Hanging Photo Frames: Prior few months of the special day, try to find different picture frames and mirrors. Remove the glass in order that only the frames remain, in order that you could hang it utilizing a strong fishing wire. Your guests will be thrilled to stand and pose behind them. The final images could end up in real frames in the years to come!


Almost everybody love playing with balloons. Choose different colours of balloons & fill up the balloons and tie the ribbons to weighted object like a little stone and arrange them. For longer events like a wedding or conference event, its best to rent helium tank for a day. You can utilize it to fill up the balloons the very first time around and fill those that end up a little droopy.With colourful balloons as photo booth backdrop, the resulting pictures will be full of joy, fun and laughter.


Use white card stock and cut in the form of a Polaroid photo frame picture. Hang from the ceiling in order that your guests can stand behind and stand inside the frame. Add the names of the date of the wedding date to make for the perfect memory of your special day. The aforementioned are few of the amazing photo booth backdrops which will certainly keep your guests engaged while capturing the memories from your special day.