Photo booth attendant shaking his client's hand

Top reason why having onsite attendant is crucial?

A photo booth attendant is accountable for attending the event, assembling and disassembling the photo booth, interacting with guests, cleaning and sorting the props, and solving technical issues.

Core Responsibilities 

Setup Photo Booth 

The photo booth staff should arrive no more than one hour before the event. It’s important to communicate this timeline with the consumer, vendor, and attendant. Miscommunication might result in the attendant not needing authorization to access the facility, which implies the photo booth would start LATE in the best. This is unprofessional and must be avoided at all costs. 

New Customer 

* Establish rapport — The operator should meet the consumer prior to unloading photo booth gear. Though such action might seem like a hassle, it demonstrates professionalism and punctuality and ensures a favorable first impression. 

* Confirm Setup Location — Before event day, meet with the consumer and determine where the photo booth should be placed on event day. The consumer might enquire about the size of the photo booth, the space needed for guests who are waiting to use the booth, or demands for technological materials. It’s usually best to procure an open space for the booth with ample space. Outlets should be situated in close proximity to the booth and extension cords along with other wires should be concealed or placed out from the manner. 

* Bring In Equipment — The attendant will carry in all the gear, so he or she must steer clear of hitting walls and making loud noises. 

Repeat Customers 

* Thank them repeat business — They should always come across the consumer and say, “Thank you for picking us ”. This expression of gratitude demonstrates your remembrance of working out the consumer before and it determines your appreciation of their taste for your company more than other businesses. Building rapport with existing customers results in repeat business and referrals. 

Socialize With Guests. 

Encourage guests to utilize the stall 

Guests are sometimes reluctant to utilize the photo booth, so the attendant should encourage guests to utilize the gear and make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. Explain how to use the gear – Once guests enter the booth, the photo booth attendant must clarify on screen buttons and describe how to take photos. It’s good practices to tell the guests just how many images will be taken and where to look because guests are tried to look at the screen in place of the camera! Assist position guests for the shooter

It might not be immediately evident to guests where they ought to sit or stand when they enter the booth, so the attendant needs to place the guests and make them based for the shooter. 

A fantastic picture makes for happy customers!

Encourage props 

In case you use props, your doorstep ought to show the guests where the props are kept or inquire whether they want to utilize a prop. It’s sometimes beneficial choose up support for the guest and tell them it’d look perfect for your picture. Be respectful of guests that prefers not to use props, but consistently provide! Clean Up And Up Sort Props. Clean off props with wipes. Props become filthy during events, so make sure your attendant is outfitted with anti-bacterial wipes so she or he is able to wipe props which are getting used frequently through the event. 

It’s crucial that the attendant remain calm, and collected throughout crises. Typically, the consumer is busy in the event, so make an effort not to disturb the consumer unless an important issue occurs. If an important issue occurs and you’re not able to fix the matter In a reasonable time, advise the consumer of the issue. Your business guidelines and procedure may determine what happens next. 

Here are some common problems that might occur, along with their typical fixes. Even though these suggested fixes aren’t foolproof, they’re a fantastic place to begin in training your photo booth attendant on the way to cure problems.

Minor Issues 

* Disconnected computer/printer cables — Guests sometimes trip over cables, so train the photo booth attendant to hide the cables or get them from visitors ’ manner just just just as far as possible. 
* Photo booth applications not responding or stuck — Inevitably, the photo booth applications will freeze at some point. When this happens, restart the computer software. 
*New roll is needed by Printer — ALWAYS remain up-to-date about your printer paper quantity. In case you’re unsure whether your quantity will probably last for the length of the event, but the roster is not ready to be changed, ensure your attendant knows the way to switch out the roster. 

Important Issues 

* Camera not flashing — The photo booth attendant should restart the camera. 
* Printer stops working —  The attendant should verify that the cables have been connected and restart the printer and photo booth computer software. If problems persist, restart the computer. 

Critical Issues 

* Computer not turning on — Verify the power source is providing power and confirm power strips aren’t put to “off”. 
* Camera not taking pictures or not turning on — Restart the camerarestart the program, and restart the computer. 
* Printer not turning on — This is not always a crucial problem if you’re using social network. Nevertheless, should this issue arise, verify the power source is working and power strips aren’t put to “off”. 

Tear Down Photo Booth 

The photo booth attendant should wait until the agreed-upon event end-time to tear down the gear. The only exception is when guests ask to finish early. 
In case the photo booth has a line at closing, the photo booth attendant should advise the last person that she or he will be the last guest to enter the photo booth. After guests that join the line should be advised that the photo booth will be shutting.  Having a sign that says “Photo Booth Closed” could be great for the attendant. 
* Turn off the computer and some other lights The attendant should switch off the photo booth computer and lighting to indicate the booth is closing. 
* Advise the Client That You’re Tearing Down — The booth attendant should find the consumer and invite them for picking your photo booth for the event. Advise the consumer the photo booth is closed and you’ll be ripping down. 
* Package Up — The photo booth attendant should break everything down and transport the gear to the automobile for packing.