Having a photo booth at the event alone is going to make your event more enjoyable of your guests. You can increase the fun level by providing props for your guests to take pictures with. Popular props include Hawaiian lays with coconut bikinis, gangster hats in assorted colours, over sized sun glasses, multicolored boas, costume beads or jewellery, fake mustaches, wigs, inflatable beach balls, inflatable hammers, Mardi Gras masks, eye patches, hilarious hats like pirate hats, baseball hats, cowboy hats. If you’re having a themed event, try to incorporate props that go along with your theme. Provide your guests with paperboard cut outs of famous actors or rock stars to interact with. Props can be hired here

Or pass out pads of paper or a white board to write or draw on to utilize in your guests photo sessions. As a kid do you remember looking through your parents wedding album and marveling at how different they looked when they were younger. Having a photo booth at your party solves this dilemma. All your guest will take a minumum of one set of pictures in the booth, but most take many more photos. The pictures can be complied into a scrapbook to preserve these memories where guests are also encouraged to write personal messages to the groom and bride in the scrapbook alongside their photos.

That is an extremely good feature because not only do you’ve the pictures, but you also have messages to read while looking back at your special day. Whenever your kids look back the custom messages that your guests left these messages will assist them to know who had been in the photos. Photo booths also offer a sort of favor for your guests to take home with them. Traditional wedding favors provide no use to the guest of your wedding.