Classic photo booth set up at the Vodafone cup Week view from the back and revealing the flower wall

What is a Photo booth?


Say Cheeeeeeeeeese!!! At a big event, when family and friends come together, we like to take photos that capture these exceptional moments, keep images of moments of shared joy and consolidate the bonds created (or strengthened)! The good idea is to create a photobooth for a beautiful, fun and unique decor!

What’s a photobooth?

Today, it is an alternative to the photographer of major events. This is especially the opportunity to create an animation and bring some fun to the event by creating a thematic/fun/offbeat setting that will serve as the background for group photos ! No more stress of passing in front of the lens and the stilred poses! Photobooth is particularly popular at weddings, but it can also be used at any other friendly event. Ambiance guaranteed! Last asset, no need to spend fortunes. With a little time and imagination, you can create your own photobooth background. DIY followers will appreciate it !

Essential material for original photos

For a successful photobooth, several elements must be present:

The backdrop. 

No need to be Kim Kardashian to afford a wall of white flowers on her wedding day. A large reinforcement of crepe paper or natural flowers, it’s up to us to play to create a 100% floral wall. You can also opt for more light alternatives and use, for example, a door, balloons, fringed curtains… for the backdrop of the photobooth! No time to create a decor? You can simply put your frame in the middle of nature!

Big things. 

To give body to a theme, you can stage objects. A retro wedding? We put a big suitcase, a nice armchair, rococos frames… that will boost the imagination of the guests when they (get) shoot the portrait! And we decline to envy for a floral wedding, a black & white birthday, a country-themed cousinade, etc.

The Props. 

No successful photobooth without them! For guests to enjoy the animation and for cannon photos, there are plenty of accessories available! Straw hats, feathered boa, top hat, big glasses, wigs and clown nose… You can also opt for cardboard shapes fixed at the end of wooden spikes: mustache, bezel, red lips… Sure that guests will appreciate!