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Photo booth rental cost

Average cost for a Photo Booth Rental in Auckland ranges from $399 to $760

The average cost for a photo booth rental is $550. For hiring a photo booth rental for your event, you will likely spend between $399 and $760.

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How much does a photo booth rental cost?

Every year, a thousand of people ask Kookaboo Photo booth for cost estimates  by tracking quotes they get from other companies, we are able to share those cost with you.

It is not a secret that photo booths are among the most entertaining ways to add fun and a smile to an event. They are a great to make memories, whether it’s for a Birthday, a wedding or a corporate event  But you might have realised the cost of a photo booth isn’t a solid set in stone. Those variations in the price range are due to several factors that can impact the cost of a photo booth. Below, you will find the elements to take into account:


What is included into a photo booth package can definitely impacts the overall cost of a photo booth hire. Most of the companies are offering bundled prices that include a set number of hours. Typically it will include a minimum of three or four hours of rental time in the package and they even take it a step further by bundling packages with other common features, like props, backdrops or complimentary photo strip designs. But let’s face it: why paying extra for unneeded options?

Photo Booth Types

There is a large variety of photo booths type for patrons to choose from, including open-air photo booths, enclosed photo booths  selfie photo booths and they all come with a different price range.

For example, open-air booths that include a backdrop are typically less expensive than enclosed photo booths. The reason is that enclosed photo booths are more complex and require a longer setup time than open-air photo booths. Moreover, selfie photo booths that can easily be setup by the customer are less expensive than open-air photo booths.

Date & time

The day of the week and time have a direct impact on a photo booth rental cost. For example, weekends are more expensive time to rent photo booths than weekdays. For example if your event is held on Thursday, your photo booth renting price will be significantly lower than if it was on a Saturday. Also, if you are having a daytime event, the hiring cost may be cheaper than if it was held in the evening.


The final price of the package can be impacted when features are added. It may include a guest book, custom photo strip design, additional props or green screen  which all impact the cost of your photo booth rental. For 

How to Save?

There are multiple ways for you to save on the cost of a photo booth hire for your event. Here are some to consider:

Be aware of the full length of time that you will need the booth for your guests to enjoy, and how many are invited to your event. This will help you to determine if buying an upgraded packaging with additional time will save you money compared paying extra fees for going over the standard photo booth timeframe. 

Open-air booths typically cost less than enclosed booths they offer a savings opportunity that you can take advantage of.